WANT: ABCs for raising future geek/nerds


It’s never to early to bring out the geek in children and as several close friends have been or are moving to the realm of parenthood, I’m always on the lookout for the perfect gift to start their kid on the road to sci-fi geekdom and cafeteria wedgies.

One should always start with the basics and wouldn’t you know, there’s a plethora of geektastic “learn your ABCs” paraphernalia:

ABC Superheroes (via Society6)



This is pretty clever, although it did take me quite some time to work out all the superheroes aside from the obvious ones. See if you can guess them all! (Thanks to David for posting this on Facebook and starting the whole thing off).

A to Z of Awesomeness (via Neill Cameron)

These would make for a great mural. And it wouldn’t have to be for a child’s room – in fact, I think I’ll make this my wall art project once I finally get my own study.



Edward Gorey’s Gashlycrumb Tinies

If you’re looking to raise more of a little Goth geek, the Gashleycrumb Tinies ABCs, as with all things Gorey, are delightfully morbid. Starting with “A is for Amy who fell down the stairs,” and ending with “Z is for Zillah who drank too much gin,” it’s the perfect way to teach your kid about the myriad of ways life can kill you.


Young Mad Scientist Blocks (via Think Geek)

Last but not least, give your kids the [BAD PUN ALERT!] basic building blocks to start his or her way to becoming the next Dr. Colossus or Lex Luthor. Although be warned – the kid’s future science teachers may not appreciate your kid using her unsuspecting classmates as guinea pigs for her Shrink Ray.

You know, I may not want to have kids, but the prospect of buying stuff like this almost is enough to make me change my mind.

Luckily I’ve got lots of “nieces and nephews” to spoil.

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