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I’m a geeky, sci-fi-loving, Simpsons-quoting, urban-dwelling, fire spinning, bookwormish Jane of many trades and mistress of them all! Or at least I’m trying to be. It’s hard to spend enough time mastering the fine art of culinary delights so I can experiment with French/Ethiopian/Japanese fusion when I also want to figure out how to do a backwards 5-beat wave with fire poi while learning to knit more than a basic stockinette stitch so I can quit inundating my friends and relatives with scarves for Christmas and by the way, having enough hours in the day to string together a piece of jewelry more complicated than a single strand necklace would be nice and I really ought to break out that portable easel my husband got me so I can paint again because it’s gathering dust and making him sad but I still have to go to the gym/go for a run/go for a swim because I’m going to beat the Chicago triathlon before I turn 35 which means I need to get up earlier because maybe I’ll be more likely to get some writing done before going to my 9-to-5 job which affords me the income to travel/cook/paint/draw/bead jewelry/knit/sew clothing/firedance/tackle sporting events/collect books/go to movies/find new music/maybe get back to playing the piano/finish my MFA/eventually have that massive back-covering tattoo completed before I turn 40/and oh look! a shiny new hobbie to play with!

Wait – what was I just doing?

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